We offer 2 specialist projects:


Resident Education, Employment, Training and Advice (REETA)
Giving access to residents, refugees and asylum seekers; through information, advice and guidance (IAG), leading to employment and self-employment opportunities.


John Evelyn Community Garden (JECG)
Giving access for health and well being in the outdoor environment, fresh food grown locally, the green environment and gardening activities, in an urban area.

Our mission

An ability to get to grips with the very demanding and sophisticated issues posed by ‘regeneration’.

We maintain that local people should be at the heart of any change or renewal.

Our aim

Is the relief of poverty and addressing issues, such as low aspiration, low skills, employability and poor life skills.
We aim to give people better chances in life.

Our Service:

we are a community development trust, PCF is 100% led and managed by local people.

Our Vision:

the capacity of people to do things for themselves.

Our Objective:

is to empower people with the tools to improve themselves and the wider community.

Pepys Community Forum

1 Creek Road, Deptford, London SE8 3BT


Pepys Community Forum is located at:

1 Creek Road, Deptford, London SE8 3BT